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I liked it. But it's not enough, I could only do it twice.

Works as described

Easy & simple, it really works

It was really good, nothing else helped me

Lopalmed test box
Jacqueline Kaminski/Stawitzki
It actually works

It worked wonders for my stepfather. He has a very thick stratum corneum and therefore needed a few applications. One application was enough for me to get my feet ready for summer, only creaming afterwards is a must.

Very satisfied

Great results after the first application 👍🏻


The application has shown its effect, the result is impressive. Unfortunately, the dosage with the closure of the bottle is unfavorable. Too much of the solution comes out so one can only do a few applications.

Lopalmed hand & foot care box
Martina Stammkoetter
Best means ever 👍

It worked great 👍
Easy to use, great result, very soft feet

Lopalmed hand & foot care box
Boatemaa Senior Gyau

Lopalmed hand & foot care box

Lopalmed test box
Rainer Niehoff
It works

The more affected areas must be treated 5-6 times

Feet are "ready for summer"

I am very satisfied, very easy and without much effort, feet and nails look well-groomed! Recommendations have already been given!

Very satisfied

After the first application I could see really good results. It works very easily. After two applications and regular application of the structure cream (which smells very pleasant and is well absorbed), the feet are still very soft even after two weeks.


Lopalmed test box
Super fast delivery and great product

First of all, I am impressed by the speed of delivery.
Ordered here yesterday.

I've used it twice and loved it after the first use.
Will definitely order again and definitely recommend

Lopalmed hand & foot care box
Janaina Velloso da Costa e Silva
smooth feet

Very effective!!!! Soft feet like I always wanted. 🌸

Lopalmed test box
Sandra S
great product

The idea of ​​wearing sandals soon was terrifying. Luckily I stumbled across the advert and won't have to be ashamed of my feet while on vacation next week!

Super awesome

Initially skeptical - now convinced!

Lopalmed test box
Anna stole

I was a bit skeptical at first if it really does what it promises, but I'm very pleasantly surprised and will order again as soon as the sample pack is empty. Thanks very much.

Lopalmed test box
Julia Kreutzberg
It's worth buying!

It's hard to believe, but your feet are as soft as after a professional pedicure.

A great product that does what it promises!

Lopalmed hand & foot care box
Gabriela Engelhardt

Am satisfied

I am very pleased!

Awesome - I didn't think it would work that well


I am very very satisfied. A really great product!


Works perfectly

Lopalmed test box
Christina Fricke
Many applications required

I need many applications to remove almost everything on my feet... I was hoping for more

Lopalmed test box
Jessica B
Does what it's supposed to

It worked very well but unfortunately some liquid got on the top of the foot and I got an allergic reaction and it burned like crazy and unfortunately left a red sore.