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Lopalmed test box
Dagmar Tieleman

A super product. I was skeptical, but Lopalmed totally convinced me.

Lopalmed hand & foot care box

Actually great, but cannot be ordered separately

It worked really great, the feet feel great. I would like to reorder the products individually, but this is probably not possible and I have not yet received an answer to repeated inquiries. Too bad.

Very happy with the callus + cuticle remover

The application works exactly as described in the instructions. I am very happy with it and will gladly buy it again.

Lopalmed test box
Caroline Becker
Does what it's supposed to

I'm very satisfied. Especially surprised that it actually works like in the videos.

Great product - 100% recommendation

I am very enthusiastic, easy to use and very well tolerated. Top

Can absolutely recommend the product!

Lopalmed hand & foot care box
Sobiha Tajouaoit

I am super happy and never expected the result


I am very satisfied thank you

Lopalmed test box
Nadja Ilic
very good

very good, not "magic" but I can recommend it

Great I recommend.

This works very well, I've already tried it

Lopalmed hand & foot care box

Lopalmed test box
Worth a try

It was easy to apply and has achieved slight success as well. Will definitely try again

Lopalmed test box
Nadja Tschenett
Almost keeps it promises

I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Finally found it!!

class product

Always my pleasure


Worked wonderfully, will never use peel off masks again after having "ugly" feet for 2 weeks.
I was very skeptical, but have already recommended it.

great product

Works very well - cotton pads would be better instead of cotton. They are evenly thick. I moisten them beforehand, so they stick better to the skin and then add a little more liquid if necessary. Cling film Foil over it, then you can walk around. Scraping works well and the callus is definitely gone much longer than with the conventional method. Feet look very nice afterwards!
I only use it on my feet every 2-3 weeks. The cream is very pleasant, not greasy - but there are better products on the market. It's not liquid, so it's not a lotion, but it still absorbs too quickly for me.
Nevertheless clear purchase recommendation

Lopalmed test box
Mirela Kosovic
Oh well

I was hoping for more after watching the promotional video. I regularly go for cosmetic pedicures and wanted to try this as an alternative at home. Unfortunately, the bit of hot skin was not completely removed, but I still had to use the file afterwards. The star is for fast shipping and easy use

Lopalmed hand & foot care box
Elizabeth Knafel

Thanks - already applied it and it worked fine!


Lopalmed test box
Gerti Pampa
It works!

I was skeptical at first, but immediately after the first application there was a clear improvement! I now have a lot less calluses on both feet and I am now convinced that if I use it a few more times I will be callus-free! Many Thanks

I am very pleased

At least with the product. Unfortunately, customer service does not respond to emails. Too bad.

Lopalmed hand & foot care box

No fake

At first I thought the good reviews might have been bought, but after using it twice, my heels were much smoother. Nobody knows magic, but I am confident that in a few weeks my feet will be significantly softer and smoother. Better than anything else I've tried.

Very good product

The application is very easy and the result is very good, the callus can be easily removed without time-consuming planing.